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Authur Title Cost Postage  
Ashworth, Frank Burnley Grammar School 1939 - 1945. £1.50 £1.10  
Ashworth, Lawrence Personal reminiscences of Lawrence Ashworth of Altham 1819 - 1902. 2000 £2.00 £0.50    
Bennett Walter History of Burnley (Parts 1 & 2 )( 1946 1947) 1988 (reprint) £6 £1
Covers the period from prehistoric times to 1650
Bennett, Walter History of Burnley (part 3) (1949). 1971 (reprint) £8.00 £1.90   Continues the story of Burnley from 1650 to 1850
Bennett, Walter Index to part 3 £1.50 £0.50    
Bennett, Walter History of Burnley (part4) (1951). 1971(reprint) £8.00 £1.90   The latest volume in Bennet's history covers the period from 1850 to 1950
Bennett, Walter Index to part 4 £1.50 £0.50    
Chapples, Leslie Taverns in the town: a walk round the Pubs of Burnley of the 1920 - 1930s 1986 £5.00 £1.10 A walk round the pubs of Burnley of the 1920's  and 30's
Child, Stephen M From St Peters to St Mark's (a history of Anglican Churches of Burnley) 2006  £5.00 £1.10  

The first volume of Burnley Historical Society's series on churches and chapels. 

A history of the Anglican churches of Burnley including churches in Worsthorne, Cliviger and Briercliffe

Child, Stephen M From the Towneley Chapel to Christ Church Ecumenical Centre (A history of the Catholic Church in Burnley and Pendle) 2008 £5.00 £1.40  


 The second volume of Burnley Historical Society's series on churches and chapels. It covers Roman Catholic churches and chapels from  Padiham to Barnoldswick, including Burnley Nelson and Colne




Child, Stephen M A History of the Non Conformist Churches in Burnley Vol 1 The Methodist Churches £7.00 1.40   
 Child, Stephen M A History of the Non Conformist Churches in Burnley Vol 2 The Baptist, Congregationalist and other Churches£7.00 1.40   
Goom, William G The cares of a Burnley caretaker 2011 £3.50 £0.50


The story of a long serving member of various Burnley municipal institutions, the first 23 years as Janitor at the Town Hall and then 20 years in a similar post at the Municipal College. .

Grant, James. Regency Burnley £3.50 £0.50   A tour of the town in 1818 based on a paper read to the Burnley Literary and Scentific Club in 1887
Haines, Molly In loving memory: a history of Burnley Cemetery.  2005 £2.00 £0.50  
A history of Burnley Cemetery from its opening in 1856 to date including some details of the crematorium
Hall, Brian Burnley (a short history). 1977 £3.50 £0.50  
The town's past from early times to the twenteth century
Hall, Brian Lowerhouse and the Dugdales. 1976 £4.00 £1.10
The story of one of the largest and most important cotton mills in Great Britain and its surrounding community
Hall, Brian The Weavers' Triangle: a visitors' guide. 1996 80p £0.50   A town trail starting at Burnley Wharf going as far east as Westgate bridge and taking in the Weavers Triangle area. Takes approx 1 hour
Howorth, John Another world another time 2000. £3.00 £0.50   Burnley family, social and religious life in the 1920's based on the author's memories of his own family
Jones, Margaret Who was who in Burnley. 1997 £4.50 £1.10   Some Burnley people from the past. essays on influential teachers, journalists and writers, notable women, early municipal officers and men of business.
Spencer, Ken Burnley Grammar School 1939 - 46 2003. £2.00 £0.50   Some notes and memories
Spencer, Ken They made a difference: notes on some Burnley people,2006 £3.50 £0.50   Notes on some Burnley people including four early members of Burnley Historical Society and notable men and women who played a significant part in Burnley life during the 19th and early 20th centuries 
Spencer, Ken Walks in Habergham Eaves, 1989 50p £0.50    

Burnley Chronicles,

Leeds and Liverpool Canal open from Foulridge to Burnley 

20p £0.70    

Burnley Chronicles,

Market charter for Burnley 20p £0.70   Pamphlets and leaflets with information on a variety of Burnley aspects:  

Burnley Chronicles,

Burnley Rovers Football 25p £0.70    
Retrospect: Journals of the Burnley Historical Society, Vols 5 through to Vol 25   10p to £2.00 £0.50    

Index to Volumes 1 to 23 (1980 - 2005)

50p £0.50    

All the above-named publications are on sale at Historical Society lectures.
Most of them are also on sale at the Weavers’ Triangle Visitor Centre, 85 Manchester Rd., Burnley 01282 452403 and at Nu-Age Productions, 289 Padiham Rd.,Burnley, 01282 413373.
They are also available via mail order from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Stephen Child, 66 Langdale Rd., Blackburn 01254 201162 or by email at martinchild66@yahoo.co.uk
The postage and packing cost is indicated next to the price of each item. Discounted postage for multiple copies is available on request. Please send a cheque made out to Burnley Historical Society with your order.